The Cold Indifference of the Machine by SilverSheep

The cold indifference of the machine. That's what Tumblr users are waking up to when their algorithms have automatically flagged their content. The latest victims of the new censorship system. Tumblr decided on a whim to ban adult content despite it being a selling point of the social media service.

My view is they are chasing the corporate money and want to whitewash the content on their website. Social media works by people making content that brings in the eyeballs and advertising clicks. It's you working for free for them. Well, a vast majority of people in not only the furry fandom but just mainstream LGBT+ community have been played for suckers.

This is why we shouldn't shun furry art sites like Fur Affinity, Weasyl and Furry Network. Mainstream social media is for the mundanes, not us. They can and have locked us out. It's something that we have to realise. A heartless, soulless algorithm can be unleashed to delete us from existing with just one click on a mouse.

I was smart enough not to get a Tumblr. I always felt that I wasn't the demographic that they were after. I was sadly proven right with LGBT issues being too adult. Adults have to cater to corporate sensitivities not only on the job but in their personal life on the internet. The cold indifference of the machine.

The Cold Indifference of the Machine


3 December 2018 at 22:50:44 MST

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