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So I've decided to use postybirb to handle all of my uploads, as many of you can probably already tell. To keep my uploads from decimating your inboxes they're going to be spaced out about 30 minutes at a time. I might space them apart further in a few as things get less chaotic so that I can more contentedly keep working without feeling anxiety over doing work that I forget to upload somewhere, or that i end up just sharing through private conversations or in my discord. If something fails to post on one gallery, check the others! It'll probably have the pic. Already experienced a problem with one of my pigma images where it wouldn't upload to FA but it posted to Aryion like 3 times. So there ya go.

I've included contact info in each post. Please refrain from using on-site mesaging systems as they're harder to get through to me with than my discord, telegram, or email.

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Uploads handled through postybirb now


2 December 2018 at 20:48:41 MST

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