The Inevitable FurAffinity Update by Tankaa Electrick Dragon - "Blue Meani"

I've returned to posting on FurAffinity after a five-year hiatus with a nice, shiny, cruft-free account. It's where the clients and money are, so I'm going to re-establish a presence there. What could possibly go wrong? I'll be uploading my best-ofs there until I'm able to produce fresh content.

In addition, I have a Twitter account. It's for sharing commission/project updates and convention photos. I probably shouldn't have resisted it for this long.

General Note:
Expect marginal progress until moving is done (mid-December). In addition, time will be shared with PE exam prep and the continuing job hunt.

Art Status:
Spaceport Vaporwave - flat color and background complete the penultimate work utilizing the old workflow.
Ameroth/Phenod/Ember giftart - no progress on inking, will be used to test new workflow.
Toymancer Squire Ori - Off-season wacky hijinks. Don't take it too seriously.

Project Status:
Lord Murazoa - Basic Design Complete (Revision 5B, now a more sane size, on standby)
Duke Viktor - Basic Design Complete (Revision waiting on replacement of Phenod's Pantone CMS.)
Stardust Dreams Rebuilding Project - Not started, will clear deck of other subjects first.
Suits - Awaiting happier and more stable times, aside from the minor finishing work on Zinogre.

TBD. Seriously considering plushies, still not used to new workflow yet, we'll see later this month.

Con Status:
Ohayocon (Columbus, OH) - All locked in, even found a room at the Hyatt. I have an open seat for anyone in the Cleveland area! PM me for details!
ConCoction (Aurora, OH) - Awaiting Room Block
AnthroOhio (Columbus, OH) - Collides with ColossalCon.
G-Fest XXVI (Chicago, IL) - Room Reserved

Does anyone even check the music links?

The Inevitable FurAffinity Update


1 December 2018 at 18:17:56 MST

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