Dragons in Vancouver by ilbv

While I was away out there, I explored the city, wandered the parks, bought books, bussed, skytrained, walked a LOT, got rained on most of the week, baked, watched movies, even got to meet Dragons! Two of them!

It had been a long shot, but I knew some Dragons that I had known for a few years were in the city and pitched the idea of meeting. Shadowkeeper was on board from the start, and with a little encouragement and promises that I wasn't an Axe Murderer (ha ha), Macabredragon also joined the adventure. I give full credit to Shadow for that as these two had met up before a few times, I feel that Shadow's presence was very encouraging for Samael.

Shadow recommended a little restaurant that was once a local secret that kind of exploded into a big deal. We made the arrangements and on a cloudy, partially rainy morning I took transit all the way to the place and met my Dragon friends.

In the back of my mind I was very aware of all the stuff we did with each other online, that my character had been swallowed by both of these guy's Dragons, multiple times. Heck we even have art of it together, it's a thing we both mutually enjoy :P

Outside of the fantasy realm in which we dwell both real life human beings were exceptional guys and a thrill to meet. We shook hands and had small talk outside the small restaurant while we waited for our table that Shadow had reserved and once we were inside, chatted generally about life and work, travel, and eventually talked a bit about this side of the internet. The food really was exceptional at this place, all the food was from scratch, the freshest fruit that comes from a market down the way, and the service was splendidly fast.

Samael, knows whats up, he went for what he knows is good, a glorious Eggs Benedict Breakfast, Shadow went for an equally impressive 3 Egg Omelet that looked to be the size of a Dragon paw. I also am a huge fan of Eggs Benny, though I had just had it the day before and was in the mood to explore and experiment. I settled on an authentic Dutch pancake with peaches and whipped cream, good lord was that ever tasty and good. I could have purchased a side of syrup but there was no need. I liked that meal a lot and was thrilled with the freshness of those peaches.

Samael and Shadow were way cooler than I had expected and even recounting our meeting I can't help but smile, it was such a nice simple time and despite first meeting jitters on my end, I was relaxed and really grateful this was able to happen. They really are just regular people like me and we have this thing in common that we enjoy.

Even now, I plan on going back to BC and be able to meet up with these guys again, and even meet another BC guy I know out there. I'm coming into my own a bit, and it feels good to see the real people behind the Dragons I adore so much.

I've come a long way in 9 years, from being a closed up terrified teen, never going to meet a soul who knew what I liked online, to having met several friends in real life and even going to a Furry Convention, MFF 2016.

If time and money would have allowed it, I'd have gone to the MFF this year that is going on right now this weekend. I am a bit bummed that I couldn't make it, though next year is looking good if my buddy who wants to go with me manages to make it happen.

Dragons in Vancouver


29 November 2018 at 22:55:17 MST

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