The foxbot will be taking comics commissions through January/February by peri

Howdy Weasyly friends,

It's that time of year! The American tax year is almost over and I'll have a lot of time traveling over the next few weeks with very little to do in airports other than sketch out comics and such. I haven't been available for writing or art commissions in a long, long time, but since 2018 has been an incredibly hard year on my families (both biological and queerer) in California, Texas, North Yorkshire, France, and Quebec I plan on trying to give back to communities online and off that have helped me survive to today.

I will be opening for commissions on FA and other sites after responding to requests here on Weasyl. This is your best chance to get a spot in my queue before I start really looking for more commissions. I will be able to live stream some of these commissions at times, but since international travel is expensive and also prone to delays, I will not be able to guarantee anyone a specific slot or time until well into December.

I will be accepting commissions for the following kinds of work:

  • Comics and Sequential art
  • Writing (especially prose and short poems)
  • "Pixel" art and similar retro-game themed items
  • Short animations

Those of y'all who have been following here for a while know that I also work professionally as a game developer, technical artist, and programmer. I can also work on short doujin/eroge style projects, but those will take significantly longer unless you can provide things like preproduction art or storyboards.

Weasyl has been my "fan art" home since I left LJ, VCL, and a markdown-based blog site I worked on before Tumblr got big. My contact information here will get updated sometime during MFF along with new rates based on my anticipation of the hours it takes to produce high quality "cartoons" and similar things. If you're interested in getting a spot, please leave a comment here or contact me privately.

If, like me, you often have many years where funds are scarce, do not worry about payment yet. Commenting here just says "I'm interested" and doesn't commit you to anything. Stay safe this season, whether it's hot or cold where you live. And remember: always be creative.


The foxbot will be taking comics commissions through January/February


28 November 2018 at 12:25:34 MST

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