OPEN for Artist Choice Commissions + Art Trades by Recurrent

Hey there everyone! I'm finally breaking free of my funk and really starting to enjoy creating artwork again. While I do have a small selection of things I owe, I feel I can get it all done this weekend or at least soon after and I am feeling confident in taking on a few more pieces. However I do want to ease myself back into commissions and art, so for this round I am doing Artist's Choice so I can pick some really fun pieces I really enjoy. I may be working on a couple of small personal pieces as well around these.

For this just comment below with your idea and if you are interested in a commission or an art trade. If you want an art trade please include links to your smaple artwork with your idea. I will only be selecting 2-3 ideas this time around, so please do not be upset if I do not choose your idea. 

Owed Artwork (May be worked on out of order):
1. FuzzyFox - 6 Telegram Stickers - 0%
2.  Tokala Nashoba - Colored Sketch with varitant - 50%
3. Artist's Choice - Open
4. Artist's Choice - Open
5. Artist's Choice - Open

Personal TO-DOs:
Update Ailith's Ref Sheet to Ailith Duval, add in ring refs, remove police refs, add in hand and paw refs.

OPEN for Artist Choice Commissions + Art Trades


24 November 2018 at 20:32:11 MST

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