This year in summary (part 2) by foxboyprower

At the moment I'm working a part time job in a genetics lab that analyzes meat sent by the livestock industry. My job is to microdissect the samples we get. I use needles to pick individual muscle fibers out of the meat samples so the DNA in it can be extracted and analyzed. I'm not exactly sure what use that data could possibly have, but it's cool getting to work in a lab again after spending years at KU doing boring programming assignments.

My cat, Tabby, is still alive and well all these years. I got her in third grade, so she's about 16 years old. She's living with me at my apartment with my other cat Mia. Mia gets along really well with my roommate. My roommate moved in with me about a couple of years ago. I wrote a journal about it at the time. I might have to move out when I graduate, so I hope they'll be able to get a full time job and move into a decent place as well.

This year in summary (part 2)


22 November 2018 at 19:48:11 MST

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