Change of fursona by Byakupew

So hello everyone!

I apologize for not posting here as much(if at all, looooool) but I thought I would let you all know something. As the title states, they will be a change in fursona, and in reality, quite a major one at that. Though, I won't be quite as vague here(because you can already see it on my FA account anyways), so I will tell you something about him

Name: Fulgur(though you can still call me byakurai/byaku if you wish[fulgur is almost in the same meaning as byakurai would be])

For those of you who don't know, fulgur in a very small nutshell means this: 1.lightning, flashing, brightness

The fursona is a feral unicorn(shocking!) since I actually like horses behind tigers(though I like to swicth things up a bit.) The ref sheet of him is still in the works, so it might be a long time before you can actually lays eyes upon him. I hope you all will love this new character as much as you loved the sergal...I really hope you do.

I know a lot of people are already asking me why I decided to change it so long into the game. I understand their concerns about it, and I will confess one of the main reasons right now.

Keep in mind, this reason is in no way pointing a finger at anyone, nor is it meant to make anyone feel like they have done anything wrong by me. That being said, a large part of this was due ot the fact that no matter how much love I could pour into my sergal character, it will never be mine. I realized this when I saw a skecth of a digital comission being resold as lineart, and while I understand that the lineart is the property of the artist, it still hit me hard.

I know sergals are the property of Mick, and I am not going against that by explaining my reason. It is more so the sole fact that the figure will forever belong to someone else, and not myself. I pondered about keeping the design layout,and applying it to the unicorn. However, I think it fit the form of a sergal much better than it would any other species(alien or other wise.)

The sergal won't disappear completely, as I still will keep him around, just more of a minor secondary character(since I will be identifying myself more and more with that of my current sona.) I want to thank everyone once again, for supporting me this far, and I do hope you'll continue to do so in the future.

Thank you for reading-


Change of fursona


5 May 2013 at 19:29:06 MDT

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    I understand your reasoning for the change. I'll be looking out for the new arts of him! :3