New Website & Quick Update by Tlapa

It's been two long years with very little advancement in creative outputs. That said, my Muse is still as alive and commanding as ever, and I've concluded other facets of existence that demanded quite a bit of effort -- I now finally hold my master diploma, and that has helped to bring alive an innovated version of my website for showcasing my creative content, and its new furry counterpart for meaty wolves and wanton vixens.

Tlapa Bear - Furry Art & Writing; home of slutty vixens and hunky wolves

Follow the link to get introduced to the website, the content it holds, and the functions it offers.

As for my future projects, it is clear I'm easing my efforts and I won't be trying to 'make it' in the furry community, or any other community for that matter. Diary of a Fox Slut is a dear project I still want to finish -- and it's quite close to getting there, with almost all proofreading wrapped up -- but priorities lie elsewhere.

I will be also closing down two of my accounts, Weasyl and InkBunny. Attempting to stay atop so many accounts is tiring, and it more hurt my creative efforts than it helped. If you enjoy my art and writing, and want to continue enjoying all kinds of mischievous content, do consider subscribing to me on my website, or following me on one of the following services:

That's it for now, and hopefully, some new story featuring a variety of slutty vixens is not too far off.

Tlapa Bear

New Website & Quick Update


18 November 2018 at 15:58:10 MST

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