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Back from ANW / Commission Updates // by TwilightSaint


Hey guys! Just a quick round of updates to keep y'all in the loop.

-2019 Calendars Shipped / Few Still Available //
-Return from Anthro Northwest (ANW)
-Commissions in Progress / Patreon-Exclusive Pieces / Outlook //
-MFF a Possibility? / Rest of 2018 //

-2019 Calendars Shipped / Few Still Available //

For several folks who placed 2019 Calendar orders, your parcels have already arrived! For others who are still waiting, (OCONUS folks, mainly,) your parcels too are enroute to you! All calendars were shipped last week prior to my departure for ANW. If in the next two weeks, your calendar still has not arrived, please note me and I'll do some sleuthing in the guts of the USPS for you or make other arrangements.

I have exactly FOUR Art Calendars left! One of them is claimed, just awaiting payment now. I've received several inquiries if I have some to spare, so these last remaining few will be gone pretty quickly I imagine. If interested, Note me ASAP to claim yours!

-Return from Anthro Northwest (ANW)

Happy to report that I have returned from ANW! The con is in its second year, and not to be outdone from a stellar first year, it was a fantastic time! Being still a smaller-sized con, I had ample time to spend with awesome friends, and also made a bunch of new friends as well! It was absolutely great getting to see and hang out with everyone, and it was hella difficult going back to work on Tuesday, lol!

Fursuiting is really great at ANW, despite being a small con! There's a lot of activity and plenty of events to attend. I was also able to break out the Quad as I had it handy, having traveled to another recent photoshoot with it. Always a blast becoming an ACTUAL dragon, haha, and I really stepped up my game from last year! Tried some moves and found out that I can be surprisingly quick on my back feet, and tested out some dance moves, perhaps for an exhibition-style showcase dance in the future, hmmmm?

The dance events were also stellar as well! I didn't attend the Pacific Rim Rumble dance battles as I was on the waitlist. I didn't realize I was first in line on the waitlist, and whaddya know, someone ended up cancelling! But I was in fursuit at the time running about, so somebody else got to dance in my place. :) And I'm actually happy about that because we had SO many new faces this year! It was great to see so many folks coming out for their first competition or their first dance battle, and I'm really happy that the dancer community is thriving as well as it is.

The traditional Dance Comp was a ton of fun as well, and I ended up winning FIRST PLACE in the Veteran's Division! I was so shocked and am still stunned and honored to have placed. <3

-Commissions in Progress / Patreon-Exclusive Pieces / Outlook //

Current clients, now that I am back from ANW, commissions are underway as usual! As a result of my recent YouTube 10k Subscribers raffle, (yeeeep, there was a free art opportunity!) and the rad experimental piece I did for that, I'm working on some more examples that my awesome Patrons had early access to. I'll be working on those pieces as I have time in between my current regular queue, on a not-to-interfere basis. Luckily they are very quick for me to crank out in the evenings after work, and I've nearly sketched all of them already, so good progress is to be had.

I might also hold a raffle here soon on Twitter as well, pending completion of my DeviantArt raffle. Will just have to stay tuned!

I am aiming to have my current queue completed either before or just following the MFF weekend. Following the completion of this queue, I'll likely take a short break to work on a really epic Ref Sheet that I gotta get done at least around New Year's. And either in-between or following that completion, I'll reopen for another queue of similar size to this current batch, x<10 pieces or so of miscellaneous types. Of course, that's still a few weeks' outlook, and I'll be posting updates between now and then.

-MFF a Possibility? / Rest of 2018 //

Many, many folks have asked me, and I wish I could give a better answer. But my current likelihood of attending MFF is a hard maybe. Literally 50/50. I got refundable plane tickets, and if I can go, I'll be there between zero-dark-thirty Wednesday night and Sunday evening. Despite it being...barely two weeks away now, that is still too far out for me to tell for sure if I'll attend.

If I can go, it'll be great, of course! If not, it's not the end of the world, and I'll be at FWA and/or BLFC 2019! :>

And the outlook for the remainder of 2018 is largely the same as my Commission outlook above. It's incredible to me that we have just over a month left - this year has flown by, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or otherwise. Fairly soon I'll be overseas on deployment, though, so I am making sure to appreciate every day I have here at home with traveling to see wonderful friends and loving my reptile family. <3

Questions, comments, concerns? Comment here or Note me!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

Back from ANW / Commission Updates //


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