The End Of V--R? by v--r

Dramatic title aside, no I'm not stopping making art or anything like that. I am thinking of giving myself a new name!

So over the years I've been V--R and occasionally VRArt1; now why is that? Because unfortunately V--R isn't accepted on all sites whether because it's too short or because the site doesn't accepts - symbols.

Where once my name was original and people would compliment how unique it looked, nowadays everyone assumes it stands for Virtual Reality. Which while I don't mind it and in fact I thought it was super convenient considering I do stuff reality to virtual reality like modeling and games and vtubing stuff. But that becomes a bit of an issue when people are all assuming it off the bat and aren't thinking of me as V--R myself.

The final nail on the coffin, as some of you know I have a website under and I have been trying to get for a while now; hoping whoever owned it would stop owning it since I noticed nothing was being put on it. Unfortunately I finally realized why, the person owning the url is one of those url hostage businesses where they buy out nice urls so companies have to pay top dollar; and fucking virtual reality is the cause of them buying I contacted them about it hoping I could buy the url but because of virtual reality they want $8000 for it which is for sure out of my price range.

It really makes me sad to have to put down V--R since I've used it for so long now and it really is who I am, name-wise at least. But the complications that have arisen over the years have me thinking it's time to give myself a new name.

I don't currently know what I want to call myself from now on but no matter what I rebrand to know that I'll still be creating the same awesome and varied content you've all come to know and love! Just with a new signature!

Unfortunately not all sites allow for name changing so that does mean I'll sadly have to make a few new accounts on places; so I hope on those sites you'll be willing to follow my new account!

TL:DR - The username V--R is starting to give me problems because of Virtual Reality being a thing so I'm planning on renaming myself. Unfortunately not all sites let you change names so I hope you'll follow my new accounts!

The End Of V--R?


9 November 2018 at 19:02:51 MST

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    Awww! I will miss seeing your stuff under my radar.

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      You'll still see my stuff, weasyl is one of the sites that support name changes xD

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        Oh sweet. In that case, best of luck.

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    Damn I know how you feel. Make sure you make a big hoo-har when you do change name, don't wanna miss all three dimentions of your art in ma feed. ::)

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      There won't be that much of a need for a big hoo-har since thankfully weasyl accepts name changes.