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I need something for warming up and such, so if you'd like a request, just slap a link to a ref in the comments below! ☆ w ☆
Will prolly be a flat coloured drawing (since I need to get back up into that). I'll take a handful depending on how many folks comment.

Thank you! U w U ♡



8 November 2018 at 20:34:04 MST

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    Hii I love your artstyle! I'm not sure if reference sheets are a big must since I take forever on making them.. ;w; But just incase, I do have this one favourite character that's the only one with a reference sheet as ref sheets take a ton of effort. You don't have to but can you draw Cody in a cute way? ^w^ Ima let you decide on pose and expression but the info bio of the personality down below might help with ideas! :D Oh and I don mind any form you pick lol
    Btw take your time cos I super duper patient lol X3 If you have any questions then just sayy! And sorry if I'm demanding or anything and sorry for the long message! I like to talk alot and at times I find it hard to ask for things without feeling like I'm being mean.. ^-^;

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    I love your art! Hey can you do my oc ?