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Watcher Appreciation Ideas (Input greatly appreciated!) by Alcho

Hey everyone!

I'm nearing the 5,000 profile view mark on FA, as well as the 300 watcher count! I'd like to do something as a celebratory event when I reach these numbers (either one or both), and I'd like some input from all of you that made this possible as to what you'd really like to see come about! I've got a few ideas I'll list here below in a second, but I'd love to hear your unique ideas as well!

My ideas (not sure which one(s) of these will happen, but I'd like input and such on what you'd all like!)

  • Cheap YCH with one of my characters celebrating the milestone(s)
  • Livestream "Meet / Talk with the artist" deal where I'd personally address anyone / everyone who shows up during the night (I've done this before a few times, which were pretty big hits)
  • Simple Watcher Only Raffle
  • Possibly freeby headshot sketch stream?

Once again - these are just ideas I've conjured up - I'd LOVE to hear your ideas and suggestions, as you guys / gals are the reason I'm able to celebrate these milestones!

Please feel absolutely free to comment below with suggestions and such! I'd LOVE to get you guys even more involved in the process here!

Until next time,
Keep on Keepin' On!

Watcher Appreciation Ideas (Input greatly appreciated!)


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    The watcher only raffle sounds pretty cool! Whichever one you pick I'm sure we'll love though!

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      Ye, i have a feeling that'll end up being the favorite by everyone - I just did a raffle on FA not too long ago, but heck, I wouldn't mind doing another!

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    These all seem like good ideas~
    The Raffle sounds like it would be a fan fave.

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      Yep! So far it's got the most "votes" per say across all of my art sites, so that'll probably end up being what happens if I had to guess!