Quick Update and fursona plans | 07/11/18 by LostPlatformer

I am now currently going through a list of projects and updates, and Weasyl is one item on that very long list.

It has been a little while since my last post. I know. Recently I have been working towards bigger and more in-depth projects, with the main focus creating a character to identify myself within the fandom. I have had the trouble for many years trying to build up the confidence to focus on designing a character that represents myself, despite already settling on a few important aspects such as name and species (Pine Martin). I have been designing a whole bunch of artworks over the last few months however the direction has been more towards my personal portfolio and not to the fandom. I still appreciate the Furry fandom and how in the past it has been detrimental to my own confidence but as of right now my priority is on my career.

However, this isn't the end for my foray into the Furry world. I am still planning to create a Fursona for myself and many more artworks, however they will instead be more geared towards my professional career and my portfolio work. Think more side-projects that experiment with styles and layouts than dedicated artworks, I would use them as a basis of larger artworks for my portfolio. For now I want to put up a few details below about my character that I plan to expand on in the near future.

My fursona name would be Galwyn the Pine Martin.
I am moving towards my own individual style, slightly realistic but the important qualities are illustrated (e.g. Fur and shading).The style and any experimental designs would always include clothing, including the final character himself. The patterning would be simple and warm with a coffee shop/bakery vibe about it. I want the character to be a reflection of myself, flaws and all. Cozy clothing. 90’s futurism design. Moebius directional design ( I love his works, big inspiration to me). The end result should be easy enough for animation to be applied or 3D model to be produced.

I have so many ideas for this character and hope to show you more in time

Oh, before I leave you I wanted to let you know that I will be attending Confuzzled 2019 after going for the first time earlier this year. This time I will go for the whole convention, probably through room share. Had a fantastic time, fingers crossed I experience another great convention!

Until the next post. Lp

Quick Update and fursona plans | 07/11/18


7 November 2018 at 06:44:33 MST

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