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After my insanely busy month in October, which you can read all about here:

I am going on a much needed and well deserved vacation. From November 4th-11th I will be in sunny tropical Cayo Coco, Cuba!

Back in April, I won a $100 Gift certificate for a resort package at a Stag and Doe I went to. My friend (who's brother was getting married) and I, his girlfriend, parents, and some of their family friends are all going on this excursion, and our travel agent is good friends with my friends Mom, so we got a good deal already, plus my discount, as well as an additional discount I received when I helped on the morning of the wedding (in September) and was paid very generously by my friends mother, who really wanted me to join them on this trip so she helped chip in, I was so blessed.

So this has been in the works for months and now is the time, so I hope all my Macros and Dragons send protective and positive vibes for me, my traveling group, and everyone else on the plane on Sunday and next Sunday.

Naturally that Lion Air Plane Crash that just happened recently has me edgy, that was a brand new plan, what the heck happened!?

I have flown before several times before and I am going to be fine, I just am. It's crazy how we see our mortality so much clearer when traveling by plane than by getting in a car.

Now God forbid anything happens to me, I've got travel insurance so my family will receive a ton of money, not that they would want it, but also more importantly for you guys: I have it arranged that this community will know if anything bad ever happened. I've got people who know who they are, who if they saw something about me in real life would be able to relate the information here to the rest of you guys. The prayer is that this NEVER needs to happen, its all insurance and precaution.

Now what me going away means for you guys is basically I will be off the grid for a solid week, radio silence. I'm leaving my laptop at home so that means for sure absolutely no Discord or Skype until the 11th when I get back home in the afternoon/late evening. I won't even be able to draw, though I might bring paper and pencils and try to rough out stuff for doodle practice, but the aim is to spend time in the sun and not get burned or eaten by sharks. I love doing that online, but real life sharks better stay away.

I will have my phone on airplane mode the whole trip so it will essentially just be my camera. The resort doesn't have Wifi, but they do have computers and hourly internet service that I can purchase, and I will likely do that a few times over the week to check in. So I'll be reachable on Furaffinity by NOTE or comments and shouts, if you need to get a hold of me, or just want to through in a "Hey I miss you" or whatever. I'm hoping everything will go well and I have a good time. I will of course miss all of you guys, I've barely had enough time to catch up because of my Castle Job, and now I'm heading off on vacation, crazy busy human!

Once I return from Cuba I will be throwing myself headlong into catching up artwork and applying at part time work and day jobs as I had before, I'm looking forward to that, and looking forward to doing nothing but relaxing for this week.

Sometime after I return from Cuba, I will be driving to Ottawa again to bring some family their winter tires for their vehicle, and I'll be spending a few days up there with them as well. Will have my devices, so I'll be easily reachable for it except when I'm on the 6 hour drive there and back. No set date has been confirmed for this trip yet.

Additionally, I will also be Travelling to British Columbia for the first time in my life this month! I'll be there from November 20th to the 27th, and I'll be staying in South Vancouver Area with some friends I grew up with who now go to school there.

Now since BC is still in Canada, I'll have my phone and wifi and still be much more reachable than I will be for Cuba, and I'll likely bring my laptop too. Also if this Vancouver trip works out well, I am probably going to make several more of them, because thanks to Swoop Airlines, its amazingly cheap to fly to the West Coast. I eventually want to make a day trip down to Seattle because how cool would that be? I can even get to Las Vegas for less than $100 if I book far enough ahead. So much travel possibility! It would cost me more to rent a car than fly a return trip! Insane!

So that is what my November looks like, two weeks of the month I will not be at home. My finances will be taking a hit after all is said and done due to not working during that time and I'll have to start crunching spending and time to make up for it in time for Christmas (which is just under 2 months away oh my goodness)

So that is everything now, if you have made it to the end of my last three journals that I posted, I applaud your dedication and support and I'll have to make it up to you sometime. Thanks for all being great, I couldn't get far without you. It's now 4:30am and I've got a flight to catch in 26 hours, I better get some rest. Good thing I already packed my suitcase two days ago.

November Travel Plans


3 November 2018 at 02:32:33 MDT

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