CLOSED//Byzantine Badges - AC and SUMMER Batches! by Kittiara

It's time again to open slots for my Byzantine-inspired badges! This time there are two lists: one for ANTHROCON, and the other for this summer in general.

TO APPLY FOR A SLOT: Please COMMENT(don't note!) that you're interested AND whether you are going to AC. Then I will REPLY to your comment and when your slot is confirmed, we will move the exchange to EMAIL.

Anthrocon Complete

1. Mugamma

2. AgentElrond

3. RinTheDragon

4. Emberz/Xixin

5. Manojalpa

6. Nyomi


1. Kaz

2. Khajja

3. Mowolf

4. Swandog

5. Forfaox (EF deadline)

6. Harui

7. Insouciance

8. ZeropointG

9. Autumn_sunrise

10. Glacier-fox

11. Crashheart

12. Zazawolf


PLEASE NOTE: By commissioning me, you agree that you understand and will comply with my Terms of Service, listed as follows;


If you need your art for an exact deadline, PLEASE ENQUIRE WHEN YOU ORDER. It may not be possible for me to meet it. This year I will be meeting an AC-Delivery deadline ONLY for those on the AC queue. The summer batch may be finished all or in part AFTER AC.


Each badge is worked on in stages, and badges do not proceed to the next stage until ALL badges for that round are confirmed at that stage. Typical stages are: Digital sketch, work in progress, final art w/digital text inlay, and badge final with completed name text. When the badge is 'Final', some changes can be made to certain aspects like colors.




+Shipping & Handling:

U.S.: $8 [includes tracking and insurance]

International: $18 [includes tracking and insurance]


-4x6" overall size; portrait area is 3x4.5".

-Mixed media on thick bookboard. The central square is indented and distressed/sealed to look like old wood.

-Yes, that is GOLD LEAF/METAL FOIL. SHINY! Only one color, no silver or bronze leaf available.

-Metal clips with adhesive backing.


I have changed the sealant method, and I no longer recommend using damp cloth to wipe off your badge! Please dust dry if needed!

Included is a HIGH-RES, adjusted and print-ready scan, so that you can print and laminate your own should you prefer to display your physical badge at home instead!

Thank you for all your support!


CLOSED//Byzantine Badges - AC and SUMMER Batches!


4 May 2013 at 10:07:59 MDT

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  • Link

    I'm interested! Would a summer one be done before EF? :)

    • Link

      That's a deadline I can make, I'll mark it in my notes to finish yours in advance of that! Please e-mail me at kittcommissions [at] and I'll send you the form!

  • Link

    I would love one with pickup at Anthrocon :o (should save, but this is sooooo worth it)

    • Link

      Oh you'll be at AC! Wonderful! I've added you! Please give me a little email at kittcommissions [at] and I will give you the form!

  • Link

    Yay, can't wait!! :D <333

  • Link

    Hi Kitti! Can I get an AC badge for my sis? Of her Xixin? :0

    • Link

      Absolutely! Please either you or her e-mail me and I'll send the form along! :D

      • Link

        okay!! thanks! emailing nao!

    • Link

      And is this for AC?

      • Link

        yes for AC pick up, me and sis shall be there :3

        • Link

          So excited!

          • Link

            what email am i emailing to lol? sorry xD

            • Link

              My bad, it's in the above comments. kittcommissions [at]!

              • Link

                alrighty then! thanks!

              • Link

                Is kittcommissions [at] your Paypal addy or 18roh [at] I sent the payment to the latter one.

                • Link

                  Combing through Paypal, I got your payment days ago- your question of whether it had arrived had me looking only at my most recent transactions, though I had you marked in the emails as paid. Just got confused, you've already been marked in my system as paid. :)

                  • Link

                    Ok, thanks so much! <333

  • Link

    Oh guh, I'd love one for AC. These are SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL.

    • Link

      Oh thank you! Would you like me to place you in the queue?

      • Link

        Yes :) Sorry, should have made that more clear!

        • Link

          Great, I'll add you! Can you e-mail me at kittcommissions[at] so I can give you the sheet/info and Paypal? :)

  • Link

    OO kitty i forgot to note my name in the paypal thing! its comming from

    • Link

      Great, thank you! :D

      • Link

        Did you get my payment ok? I sent it from my hubby's paypal. :)

        • Link

          It hasn't come through yet! I'll let you know if it doesn't show up sometime today. :)

          • Link

            That's weird; it was sent on the 5th, so it should have come through by now. I'll note you with a copy of the transaction details.

  • Link

    I don't expect to attend anything that I would need a badge for. Would there be any chance of just a regular drawing from you?

    • Link

      Not right now; I am only open for badges and pony portraits. Sorry!

      • Link

        Good to know! Thank you for the information.