Back to Work, but first, clearing my queue by Recurrent

Hey there everyone! Orion and I are back from our Honeymoon and man did we have a blast! It was so much fun and super relaxing which was everything that the two of us really needed. Now I am going to get back to drawing artwork, a lot of which was delayed quite a bit by the wedding and other related running around as well as my new full time work schedule, for which I sincerly appologise for delaying so much. Now I am really going to buckle down and start clearing everything still on my list. 

For the time being I am fully shutting down Patreon until this list is fully cleared and my new project is ready to start and show to to the world. I will be working on uploading all remaining Patreon artwork to my galleries over the next couple of weeks.

Owed Artwork (May be worked on out of order):
Khzhak - Colored Sketch(Patreon)
Pyruvic - 12 Colored Headshot Sketches(Patreon)
ForeFox - Painted Sketch(Patreon)
FuzzyFox - 6 Telegram Stickers + Illustration(Patreon)
LozBunny - Cel Shaded Colored Sketch(Art Trade)
BronyTwin02 - Colored Sketch(Raffle Prize) - SKETCHED

Collabs with Orion that I need to work on:
Kittenrose232 - Custom Icon Animation
StevieBear Maxwell - Shoe Animation Edit
Kman2495 - Tail Animation Edit

IF I owe you something and you are not on the above list, PLEASE let me know right away so that I can add you to my to-do list and start working on it this month. Please note that animations that do not require animation changes will not appear on this list as only Orion will be working on those.

Once the preceding list is cleared I am planning on taking a short break (a week or two off) then taking on new commissions again. I will post a journal when I am ready to take on new commissions.

Back to Work, but first, clearing my queue


12 October 2018 at 13:14:40 MDT

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