Wingust Pieces and posting! by TiffRoss

I've been introduced to Postybirb!  Whoa, it makes a massive difference in getting things up!

Wingust Originals are for sale in my new Etsy store! 

Things are finally smoothing out and I'm working through my inability to get things done... by getting a lot of things done in a different way.  All of my computer problems have had the effect of making it hard for me to work on my computers for inking.  The level of frustration my Yoga gave me was THAT bad that it trained me to expect glitches every five minutes.  My Yiynova had a similar issue at the same time where the stylus would just forget it was in use and turn off.  I will NEVER purchase another Lenovo product, but will replacing mine until next year (or maybe the year after). 

My Yiynova has served well, but it's time to get a replacement in a couple of years and NOT another Yiynova because I do not like their new pen protocols.  I'll be getting a nice, big XP-Pen tablet monitor.

New styluses, btw, did fix my problems for the most part.  My new Yiynova pen is better than the old one and my dog destroyed the pen for my Lenovo, which was the best thing ever, because I would NEVER have found out the pen was the problem if she hadn't.

This doesn't affect my ability to color or do anything else, JUST INKING, because inking was when these issues were the most frustrating.  Yup, I am easily conditioned to avoid things that cause me frustration and getting back that ability will take time... so I'm inking by hand now and amazed that I'm actually not that bad at it and it looks ok.  Now I just need to pick up some more supplies since I already drained one of my pens on all those Wingust pieces.  I'm filling my other brush pens with ink from my favorite ink barrels or just dipping them now. >:D  I got a tip to use a waterbrush for ink, but just dip it.  Now I need to pick up a finger tipped one!

So doing good and getting back into gear!  I'll even begin uploading a comic here soon!!

- Tiff

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Wingust Pieces and posting!


10 October 2018 at 17:46:56 MDT

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