Future Commissions by southpaw_fox

I am not currently taking commissions, but if I start taking commissions in the future here are my Terms of Service (TOS). These terms are subject to change if/when conditions warrant changes.

1. I have the right to refuse service to anyone.

(Basically if the subject matter makes me uncomfortable, sorry I'm not going to draw it no matter how much you beg, plead or throw money at me.)

2. Money must be tendered immediately before or IMMEDIATELY after the commission is complete.

The only exception is a "brief" 24 hour window between when the commission is made and when it is paid for. If you don't have the money or are not sure you'll have the money in that time frame, wait until you're sure. No Credit.

3. Artwork I make for you is still technically owned by me.

This will allow me to use it in portfolios to show off my work to other potential clientele and post it on my various art-sites.

## Out of respect however I will not (without expressed permission, I will ask you before I do any of the following):
A. Make prints of your commission and sell them.
B. Recolor your commission to other characters for my own use.
C. Recolor your commission for someone else’s use.

4. Artwork I make for you is yours as well to do with as you please with some small exceptions:

A. Do not alter non-adult work to make it adult.

B. Edits that are made or modifications that are added after the fact should be clearly labeled if the artwork is displayed elsewhere so viewers know where my work ends and yours begins.

C. I ask for credit and a link back to my FA and/or Weasyl page accompanying the artwork where-ever it is posted.

D: Artwork that is made for professional/commercial use: RE: book covers, Logos etc. will come with a Copy write contract that must be signed and notarized and a fee of 20% of the final commission total. This gives you contractual right that will hold up in court should anything occur that gives you 100% copy write privilege over the artwork.

5. What I will and won't draw:

I will NOT draw adult imagery.
I will NOT draw anything NSFW or higher than a PG rating.

TLDR; I reserve the right to refuse to draw anything that I’m not comfortable with drawing. Also, all of my artwork is suitable for ALL ages.

Future Commissions


7 October 2018 at 16:33:36 MDT

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