NeonFur 2018 Meme by SilverSheep

  • Where are you staying?
    Watermark Hotel & Spa Gold Coast (Con Hotel)

  • What day are you getting there?
    Thursday Night.

  • How are you arriving?
    I'm flying up with Katsu.

  • Who will you be rooming with?
    I got my own room.

  • Who will you hang out with during the convention?
    My friends for the most part.

  • Are there events you might be attending?
    NeonFur is more about making your own fun so I'll most likely be hanging out and partying with friends. I will give the dances a go.

  • Will you be suiting?
    No, my fursuit is on the way due next year.

  • Do you do free art?
    I'm a photo sheep, not an artist.

  • Do you do trades?

  • What is your gender?

  • How old are you?

  • Are you taken?
    No, I'm not really looking.

  • Can I talk to you?
    Sure, come up and say hello.

  • Can I touch you?

  • How can I find you?
    Look for the rotund fellow with a fancy camera and bucket hat.

  • Can I visit your room?
    You must ask me first. I'm allowed to say no if I want my own space.

  • Can I buy you drinks?
    Yeah sure. I like coffee and cocktails.

  • Can I give you stuff?
    Sure, I wouldn't turn down a Made Fur You fursuit or trip to Midwest Fur Fest. Seriously, the good company of my friends is all I'm after.

  • Can I hug or snuggle with you?
    Always down for hugs. Snuggles! I do want fursuit snuggles, but I don't know how to ask and not sound like a creepy perv.

  • Are you nice?
    As long as I've had a coffee recently. I'm an easy going guy, but I do have limits.

  • How long are you going?
    Full convention and leaving on Monday.

  • If I see you, how should I get your attention?
    Walk up and say hello. I most likely won't be looking at my phone a lot of the time. In person is the best option.

  • Where will you be most of the time during the days?
    I'll most likely be hanging around my friends. If someone wants a photoshoot, I'll be doing that.

  • What/where will you be eating?
    I got breakfast with my hotel room so the hotel restaurant for breakfasts. Lunch and dinner will be at the local restaurants. If my friends invite me, I'll tag along with them.

  • Can I come with you for fun/food/etc.?
    Yes, NeonFur is all about meeting new people. Moreso than even FurDU.

  • Can I pet your suit?

  • Are you excited!
    I'm excited. NeonFur was a great experience last year. I got to meet new people and had the best time at 1614 the epic room party. It was my first real room party too.

NeonFur 2018 Meme


4 October 2018 at 09:10:07 MDT

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