FHL Season 7 Draft Round 5 Day 2 Results by FHL

Here are your results for the Close of Round 5

9/81 JVG - Talton, LW

10/82 MEM - DL Leonine, G

11/83 RAL(From SAS) - Pass due to skater limit

12/84 SAN - Ethan Ryder, G

13/85 RAL - Pass due to Skater Limit

14/86 BAL - Benjamin Blue, C

15/87 SLC - Rodney, RW

16/88 SAN(From NWF) - Pass due to player limit

17/89 ERE - Manian Di Freeze, RW

18/90 St. Louis Spirits - Rodolf Plecacks, C

To clarify the pass remarks, due to current skater numbers, teams can only have a maximum of 10 skaters until all teams have aquired 10 skaters on their roster. Teams also have a limit of 2 Goalies. Thus due to being at 10 skaters, and not wanting to choose a backup goalie, Raleigh elected to pass, and due to being at 10 skaters and 2 goalies with Ryder, San Antonio must pass.

As noted, the Draft is running live on the FHL Discord.
Live results will also be available here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12n4ErwlED7x_bj8AR6kpoC-uACQC25VKbsAxJGzirp0/edit#gid=0

FHL Season 7 Draft Round 5 Day 2 Results


30 September 2018 at 22:55:58 MDT

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