Recurrent's Ramblings: Thinking Ahead by Recurrent

Hey everyone. So I have been putting some thought into how I want to do things going forward with my new full time schedule and how that should affect things like Patreon and Commissions. The easiest thing would be to just reopen my Patreon in November as planned and have that occupy most of my free times on weekends. However I don't think that's cool of me to do and I really don't want the majority, if not all my art month to month to be locked behind a paywall for a month before it goes public.

So instead my next option could be closing down my Patreon for the time being and taking on a set number of commissions each month and just doing commissions and personal work then, which could work I think, but not be that great for my wonderful and loyal Patreon subscribers.

Another thought would be to refocus my Patreon to something else, maybe have it for some sort of Comic project or Visual Novel Game project like I have always wanted to do. Though that might also take a large chunk of my time up and prevent me from be able to take on a lot of commissions without risking burnout. Not to sure what other options I would have for my Patreon at the moment, but I would be very interested in hearing what you think.

I won't be making a final decision on Patreon and how to handle future Commissions until the end of October right now, but I would love to see what you all think. Do you have any ideas for what I can do for Patreon and still have the time for regular commissions? Let me know and I will consider it!

Recurrent's Ramblings: Thinking Ahead


30 September 2018 at 09:39:31 MDT

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