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So what have I experienced this past month? by TheOtherEliArts2001

I literally have not posted a single journal in over a month in a half. Strange... I guess I was too distracted. Anyways, yeah. I'm still here.

I still haven't been able to properly upload anything due to some complications but I'm actually going to give it a shot. I'm going to draw something and I'm going to work on it. I haven't done it in a while, feel like now is the right time to try it again. Only problem is I'm going to be using a small laptop instead of my desktop. And I also won't be able to use my scanner since it hasn't arrived yet. Instead I may have to manually take a picture of it and download the file onto my laptop.

So yeah... I have been living in Australia for over a month now. And so far, I like it here. I haven't really been to many places yet, but so far it's not a bad country. There were some mild differences here that I at first found a little inconvenient, but I got used to it relatively quickly. I've even met some people here and have gotten to hang out with other people my age.

Everyone here is actually very friendly. Only a few people have ever come up to me and ask me where I'm from. Of course I tell them that I'm from the United States, and sometimes they'd ask me what state I'm from and so on. But other than that, I'm pretty much treated like a normal person here.

And yes, everybody around me talks differently than I do. I just gotta remind myself that I'm the one with the accent here. Funnily enough, sometimes its like people can tell that I have an accent, but for some reason they don't recognize that it's an American accent and still ask me where I'm from. Like where else do they think I'm from, Ireland? Haha.

One last thing I forgot to mention, is that I recently got to see some kangaroos! Like, legit wild kangaroos! I'll start from the beginning. Basically my Dad befriended this guy at his work, and the guy invited him, my Mom and I to his house to have lunch him and who I assume was his wife. We visited his house, which was by this large golf course, and had some good lunch with them as well as some enjoyable conversations together. The guy even generously drove my Dad and I in his golf cart across the large golf course where all the kangaroos would hang out.

It was really fascinating, because up until then I had never seen a live kangaroo in person before. This wasn't even in an enclosure, these were wild kangaroos! Some even got kind of close to us, and I managed to take a few pictures of them before we continued driving. This was sometime last week, so I experienced this pretty recently. So yeah. One month, and I've already seen Australia's most iconic wildlife.

Anyways, that's all I have to say for now. Oh, and if anyone who happens to be Australian reads this, just know that anything I said was meant as a joke and not an insult. If anything else happens, I'll be sure to update for you guys. Thanks for reading!

So what have I experienced this past month?


30 September 2018 at 09:13:31 MDT

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