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My introduction + Good news! + Curious question by Hazel3

Hi I'm new here! It's nice to meet you all. ^w^
I hope to make lots of friends and possibly roleplay buddies too! I think my birthday is soon! I'll be 19 on the 29th October! :D I can't wait! ^-^

Oh and I'll hopefully plan on getting a house soon. I finally wont have to follow anymore house rules! This means I can blast out EDM whenever I like! >:3 I rather not have roommates cos it means following even more rules and I'm rather protective over my belongings as I worry that they'll break or get stolen. ^-^;
So that's good news for me! :D Sorry if I sounded greedy or anything, didn't mean to.. :<

I got a question.. I'd like to start art commissions sometime. But I'm not sure how... :< I've got artblock for now but I'd still love to know, it would mean alot! ^-^ One day I'd also like to do plushie commissions just for friends only if I could only figure out how... ;w;
So the question is.. How do I start commissions and uh.. How much money in UK pounds do you think it's worth? I work really hard on my drawings but I do have fun at the same time! :D I also take my time as it's never good to rush art! I have a cartoonime artstyle I'd say. Cartoon + anime = cartoonime! So if anyone knows how, I'd love to know, it'll mean alot! :3
I gotta save up lots of money to get a house so if I ever start commissions, I would truly appreciate the help!

Please be nice when commenting! And remember.. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
Thanks for looking, meep! ^-^

My introduction + Good news! + Curious question


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