I got new things and I'll try to upload like I used to. by SwirlySpotBean

So kinda want to give lil updates on my life? I said I wasn't dead maybe on almost everywhere except Twitter. I'm very active there, follow me if you haven't. My birthday was literally past Sept 9th. It was a blast; I went to Boston for my very first time. I loved it. I'm 26 now. I feel old. I work a lot and my schedule is all over the place and it's not consistent as it's just jargon. I also got promoted not too long ago. I'm hoping to be a closer and that's when I can get on a roll with what I want to do - drawing again. Oh I didn't tell you my amazing boyfriend CurlyKaiserBunny got me an IPad Pro with the Pencil so that's cool! {Learning to draw on that thing is something to get used to.} I can now ditch the hot ass computer tablet I have that's just crude. I might sell it but it's kinda rough out of shape. Oh in meanwhile I did have health problems and that was a struggle for a while. I was exhausted and still is thus no interactions. Um just same old happening not sure I might be missing out details but I think I said enough for know. So how are you guys/gals?

Ps.- To Talk to me, I'm very active on Twitter or Telegram. Pm for info.

I got new things and I'll try to upload like I used to.


13 September 2018 at 20:32:04 MDT

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