Communication for Grand Summer Amino Raffle Winners by Alita Berserker

As you probably should have seen, I deleted Amino for the reasons I've just explained before.

I need you to send me again your reference sheet through any one of my social accounts.
Any of them is ok, but the response time may vary.
Telegram and Twitter are the quickest

Attention: if you don't send me the reference within one month from now, I will delete your prize)

Missing Character sheets list

Emcar555, from Dragons! Amino
Spark, from Dragons Amino
Fehn is a Fox, from Furry Amino
Malakite is Thabos, from Dragons! Amino
Minka_M.K., from Dragons Amino
Faithful, from Dragon Artists Amino
FireBadger, from Furry Amino
Kodiak the Utah Daddy, from Dragon Roleplay Amino
Drayyyyvon, from Dragon Roleplay Amino
Irochelle, from Dragons! Amino
King The Drolion, from All Dragon Amino
Michael The Fox Wolf, from Furry Amino
Shadow Ryuu, from Furry Amino

Group pictures:
1° - Olivier, with Irvin Boris, Fhaenart, Mateko and Shadow Ryuu
2° - Emcar, Irochelle, Malakite is Thabos, Laura_Borra, Grunkle Grunkle and DragonCat

Communication for Grand Summer Amino Raffle Winners

Alita Berserker

13 September 2018 at 05:43:03 MDT

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