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Wooo! So it's currently 1:33am as I typed this sentence and I've got work tomorrow yet here I am... Anywho. So I've been having some random art thoughts and stuff and I think everything seems to be going smoothly. I've managed to get a good balance of work and art going, as well as a social life if I keep it to what I'm doing now currently. Who'd have thought? Huh. Anyways. I'm debating on saving up monies for a portable tablet to draw on the go while at work or on trips. I saw this one on Amazon a bit ago after a little google search:


The reviews aren't terrible, I would just need to purchase a screen protector for it because the one on there (sometimes if it's included) is garbage and the pen just scratches the screen to bits. But it's within a good and manageable budget more or less. But that's about the cheapest and best I've seen within my price range. Feedback? Opinions? I can download other art programs for it but I don't think I can get SAI on there, but Adobe has art programs I can put on an Android based device like that...so that's not a worry to me.

I'd also need to invest in the drawing glove because I left mine at my exes....and it's probably destroyed by this point...poop.

Anyways, I should get some sleep. My boss won't be happy with me tomorrow.

Stay away from the pharmacy. Just a heads up.

Might get helium filled pills instead of your normal ones...


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Random Art Thoughts


12 September 2018 at 23:40:30 MDT

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