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Mom's Going Away Party by StangWolf

This weekend is gonna be fairly busy, but not in an artistic way.

Gonna be headed to Dallas here in a few hours for my Mom and her boyfriend, Jeff's, going away party this evening. They're moving to Colorado. Which is both a bummer and kinda cool at the same time. I LOVE Colorado, such a pretty state! I'm totally down for a reason to visit there more, but my mom won't be as close by. Granted I do spend most of my time in East Texas, and not as often in the Dallas area, but Dallas is way closer than Colorado.

Either way, that's the plan for this evening! Gotta start getting ready here in about an hour and a half to two hours.

As far as art goes, I might have something to share tomorrow, however, I'm unsure at the moment how much time, or energy, I'll have tomorrow. I may be getting a couple of my smaller pieces out of the way but that'll probably be it if I don't decide to just take the weekend to relax.

Essentially this weekend is something of a break from art. I've been working on art every weekend I haven't had something else planned. Sometimes even those weekends.

Just the nature of my situation at the moment. The weekends are really the only time I have to work on art since my week days and evenings are pretty busy, and don't leave a lot of time to work on anything art related.

I have gotten a few small commission/business related things finished behind the scenes but that's about it.

Starting next weekend and through Memorial Day Weekend I'll be working on art, so ya'll will definitely be seeing more colored in the next month for sure.

Anyway, I've got a few things to get done before I need to start getting ready to hit the road!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Until next time!


Mom's Going Away Party


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