RAT WEDDING Pictures! ♥ by KiRAWRa

I promised you guys photos from my rat-themed wedding and I'm here to deliver! :D
The ceremony was on August 11th, but unfortunately it rained when we were meant to do our photoshoot and had to reschedule, which is why I'm getting to these pictures a bit late.

Despite it being a very small & short event, I still worked pretty hard on getting everything together, and I hope you get a smile out of seeing how we celebrated the silly "theme" on our big day c:
Some of the more craft-related items will also be posted to my main gallery in the coming days.

[clickie here for the album!]

RAT WEDDING Pictures! ♥


1 September 2018 at 04:35:28 MDT

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    Oh my gooooooooooosh I can't think of a more perfect wedding ya'll are so adorable CONGRATULATIONS!!! <3

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      Haha thank you! I think being silly with the theme really made it more fun and memorable :3 ♥

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    The pictures are so cute!!
    You guys look
    So happy together, congratulations!!

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      Thank you! ♥
      We tried not to take ourselves too seriously with it, I think being silly really made it more memorable :)

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    Oh my gosh. Best wedding ever. You guys look super cute together, haha!

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      haha thank you so much! It was a silly idea for the most part, but I think we still got some really nice pictures out of it :3

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    This is so incredibly adorable! Congrats on your rat wedding!

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      Thanks so much! ♥