Growth Drive Continues, Commissions Open by deervvitch

My sweet darling June Lalonde​ and I have made it safe and sound to the Olympic Peninsula, our home is cozy and we are ready for the hot summer to cool off into a blessed PNW fall.

We’re both working day jobs, but there are still a few post-move and unexpected expenses that have come up, so I’m extending out the growth drive of the move and opening up commissions again!

Remaining expenses:

  • Closing move bills (extra trash pickup, etc)
  • Medical costs (Doe’s ER visit from last year, June’s HRT appointments / perscription, etc)
  • Drawing tablet monitor (Doe’s tablet broke during the move and needs to be replaced)

Interested in helping out? Click here!

For information about the growth drive:

For commission form:

Thank you again to everyone for supporting June and I as we got out of Seattle. Living in the woods has been so wonderful and healing for us both.

Growth Drive Continues, Commissions Open


25 August 2018 at 18:58:56 MDT

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