25 Headshots Challenge by skyward-shoujo

Help me stave off depression with productivity! (´・ω・`)ノ

Hello everyone, today I decided I wanted to take on an enormous challenge for myself to improve myself as an artist and to give back to the community. I want to challenge myself to draw lots & lots of everyone's characters, so please send me your children to draw!

0/25 (11 in progress)

I'm going to be selecting characters from #projectstarcall and taking requests from DA, Twitter, & Weasyl, so be sure to leave your references here in this journal or reply to the twitter post. This is not first come first serve, you don't have to be a watcher/follower to apply, although it's definitely appreciated! I'm aiming to complete 1-2 a week, as this will be as much as my schedule will allow.

♡requests are not commissions. The artworks produced are for personal use only.
♡every completed request will be submitted with my watermark for crediting purposes.
♡be polite, it's a gift from me to you. If there's small mistakes with your character, don't cause a scene over it. If it's something drastic I'll fix it of course, but just message me politely about it.
♡Requests are not guaranteed. I will be choosing people at random, or characters that I feel particularly inspired by.
♡Please don't pester me about your request. I will do my best to complete them in a timely manner, but keep in mind I work a day job and all of these will be done in my spare time.
♡No graphic material please. If you're after those things, consider commissioning me instead.
♡Please don't repost my art without credit.

25 Headshots Challenge


17 August 2018 at 13:54:41 MDT

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