Dog ate poison and keeping busy. by Mantrid_Brizon

So I forgot to post the 5th episode of Lacuna Blue, but I had good reason. On the 9th I turned 29 and was busy, the 10th I don't remember and on the 11th my beloved Kira found and ate an old Tomcat trap with a full green rectangle of poison. Remembering Shane and beginning to panic, i took her to a 24/7 emergency vet and they took care of her. She's fine now, as if it never happened. After that the 12th saw me in my dad's basement music studio recording a demo tape for my band of musical nerds, and yesterday I spent all day mixing said demo myself because I want to learn the business. Not sure if they will be fine with me posting the instrumentals, or even full songs when we record vocals, but I'd kind of like to share; that's the whole point of this website, isn't it?

With that all done, I'll get back to posting that series, plus working on The Seventh Realm; I really want to finish editing the second volume so I can post that too.

Dog ate poison and keeping busy.


14 August 2018 at 08:54:27 MDT

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