Randomly updating: Dog Days of Summer. 8-9-18. by keirajo

So how is everyone? :)

I hope nobody is dealing with near-100 (F) degree temps like I am lately. It makes it pretty ugly to ride the bus to and from work--I've been taking changes of clothing with me nearly every day lately. Not to mention all the road construction where I live has been making it pretty "ugh". The sad thing is, they've torn up road and sidewalk........and there are TWO schools within walking distance of where I live, due to start up again in a couple of weeks. YEAH, REAL SAFE FOR THE KIDS. headdesk

So, I finally went and.............weeded SOME my watches here on Weasyl and didn't get as far as I would've liked. I won't be un-watching my friends (even if they're in-active here), because I sometimes do art for them and they're on other sites and are willing to come get their art when I post here. I've been trying to do so for a long time now, but kept putting it off. But in general I tried to weed out "duplicate" watches (where some users changed their names and accounts) and people who've been in-active within two years who AREN'T friends of mine. Or people who've stated recently that they're leaving the site and all that jazz..........may as well un-watch the newly in-active accounts too.

Heck. I followed a lot of people here. And only like a couple dozen or so are actually generally active. laughs I will have to go through a few more and check their last updates and stuff.

Hoping to also do some housecleaning and letter writing this weekend, too. :)

The Library is kicking into full gear for the "Harry Potter" program a week from tomorrow/Saturday. This is like one of our biggest kinda-of-annual programs and it shows there are still lots of HP fans out there, even locally. For once, I don't work the day of the program. laughs

My life's been busy, but not exciting lately. Just trying to catch up on a bunch of personal things. I hope everyone else is having a good summer and trying to keep cool! :D

Randomly updating: Dog Days of Summer. 8-9-18.


9 August 2018 at 16:54:42 MDT

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    It's actually been cooling down over here a bit, so that's pretty nice.

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      I’m standing outside watching some lightning, which is cool-looking, but I wish it would rain and cool down! XD

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        It is nice and cool while it rains, and for a short time after, but then it's just humid. XP

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          Yeah, that’s true!

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    I need to post here motor often. But is good you are cleaning that out.

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      I feel bad following 300 people and less than 100 are actually active! @_@

      You’ll get around to it eventually.......just like I’ll post art again soon, too! :)

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        Yeah, I know how you feel there.

        I look forward to it!

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    Still hot enough, some rain etc. The hotel is being more short on help. Did find an MS Paint like program for my Droids which allows for larger things.

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      Oooh, a new art program sounds fun! :D

      I hope you get more help soon! :)

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    It's finally storming here, but I'm sure it'll get hot again right after it's done xD

    Most people who come to weasyl don' stay here long :/

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      Gimme raiiiiiiiiin!!!! begs

      It’s true. I think even people forget they were once new on FA and DA and had to build to their fanbase there, too! People just don’t get 100 followers the instant they join—they have to make effort, post and talk to people. :)

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    it's been pretty hot over here lately, but we finally had rain last night but it d/c'd our net all night til this morning xD im planning on posting alot on here again :D been feeling pretty crappy but im feeling better today :D

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      I'm glad you're feeling better! Yay! :D

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    It doesn't get much above 90 here, so I've been loving it. We're taking a road trip to Arizona on Thursday though! Gonna be hot!

    I went on a walk in the middle of the day yesterday looking for shiny Eevee and didn't find any- and I got overheated in the process! Started shaking pretty badly on my way back home. Not smart.

    Anyway, I've been doing well!

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      I think you may need to take a small cooler with you next time you go hunting Pokémon! Glad you made it home okay! :)

      Doing well is definitely better than the opposite. :)

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        Ah good idea! Thanks, me too.

        Yes, true :) Hope you're doing well too, and keeping cool as best you can

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          Trying to keep cool--we're supposed to be getting a storm system through here today, which will hopefully drop some rain and not just show us lightning. chuckle Then it's supposed to be down in the 70's for a couple days. :)

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            Ohh wow! Well good to hear about the temperature dropping!

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              I hope it does...........the storm systems keep drying up though, so I wonder if we will get that cooldown! It was pretty cool last night, but as soon as the sun came out today, it got pretty warm. @_@