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CharFolio FAQ by OtherThatGuy

Q: Who's organizing this folio?
A: Me, but feel free to send your own input and experience my way.

Q: What's the focus of this folio?
A: Feral Charmanders.

Q: Male or Female Charmanders?
A: Either's fine, even better if you want to include alts of both.

Q: What other Pokemon can be in it?
A: Any other from Charmander's evolution line can be in the focus. Otherwise keep them off to the side or out of frame. POV shots are fine.

Q: Humans?
A: Same as non-Char Pokemon above.

Q: Anthros?
A: Not in this one, sorry!

Q: Non-Pokemon ferals? (Real life animals, Digimon, etc.)
A: Nope, sorry again!

Q: Are we selling it?
A: *Nope, it's going to be free

Q: Can we submit a written story?
A: This one's a bit iffy, more variety is great, but it might not fit with this format. I'll be getting input from other artists about this, but for now, probably not.

Q: Can we submit an animation?
A: Definitely, I'll be working on one myself. This is also a good chance to collaborate with other artists.

Q: What about 3D?
A: This is another one I need to ask other artists about. For now, if it's your own model(s) made from scratch, probably. If you're using models from the games, probably not. Quality and effort will be the main difference here.

Q: When will it come out?
A: *When everyone's art is finished. Expect sometime in November.

Q: I have a Charmander OC, can I use them?
A: If they stick close to the original design, yes.

Q: Can I submit multiple works?
A: Yes, and alts are encouraged.

Q: How many artists will there be?
A: We don't know quite yet. Right now we're expecting 6-12 artists. There could be more if this spreads well.

Q: Is (Fetish) allowed?
A: There are too many fetishes to list every one here, but here are some common allowed ones:
• Pokephilia
• Size Difference
• Cloacas
Feel free to ask me about any you might be curious about, and I can add them here.

I'll be expanding and updating this journal as more questions come. Feel free to contact me through
Discord: OtherThatGuy#0943
or right here through a message or comment.

CharFolio FAQ


1 August 2018 at 20:46:02 MDT

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