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Update - Back from AC, Not done Travelling! by TwilightSaint


Hey guys! Phew, it's been a busy summer so far! Figured it was about time to brush my Anthrocon '18 Meme off of my pages, hehe.

-Anthrocon Mini-Recap
-Out-of-state with the Navy...again!
-Commission Queue Updates
-Social Media Reminder & Telegram Updates Channel

-Anthrocon Mini-Recap

The confetti since AC has pretty much settled for the most part, but the memories & excitement are still fresh! In a nutshell, this was the /best/ AC I have ever attended! Just everything all around made for a great experience. Seeing wonderful friends again, actually having designated hang-out time with folks, (something that's usually very difficult at AC, as those of y'all who've attended will know first-hand!) well-run programming, and fantastic fursuiting.

I was honored to have the opportunity to participate in the Finals of the Dance Competition as well! Anthrocon was originally my first ever furry convention and first experience fursuiting, and my first time ever being exposed to fursuit dancing, something that has since swept my life up by storm since I did my first couple of dance videos years ago! To be on that stage again was breathtaking and humbling.

Also had the opportunity and absolute blast performing in Floor Wars with my pal Scath! The talent this year was amazing to see, and our team 'Heckin & Peppin' tore up the floor for a couple of rounds!

Anthrocon is also one of the few remaining large-scale conventions that continues to run the tradition of the fursuit parade, something that I absolutely love and definitely miss since many other conventions have removed theirs from their programming! AC's is always very well orchestrated, not to mention how the city of Pittsburgh is invited to spectate, and even participate this year with the convention hall that was open to the public!

Overall, AC remains my favorite furry convention. If you haven't attended yet or are on the fence about attending, let me be that stormy wind that pushes you to the 'gotta attend!' side of the field! I particularly enjoy referring to it as 'Furry Mecca,' you gotta make the 'Furry Hajj' at least once in your life!

-Out-of-state with the Navy...again!

Here again I'm sitting hundreds of miles away from home and not on deployment, but I really can't complain. For this det, I've returned to a beautiful place that one could say is literally Paradise! Schedule is unpredictable and exercises are long-term and complex, but you can bet your tail that I am taking advantage of every free moment, especially when I can get feet-dry and explore some amazing areas! And, I brought a fullsuit with me - naturally! With travelling to conventions with multiple fursuits and learning techniques to help cut down on weight and maximize duffel space, I figured it was time I take the next step and bring one of my bebs with me on more extensive travels, hehe!

But! Enough of that. Before I move on, though, if anyone has any questions at all about travelling with one or multiple fursuits, don't hesitate to hit me up!

What does this mean for activity/art/communications? I am very much at the whim of my schedule, and that always comes first! But in the interim I may be exploring, so don't be alarmed if any replies from me are a bit delayed! :>

-Commission Queue Updates

Aaaaand as you can imagine, the above exercise, points above if you haven't read that bullet-point yet is putting a bit of a delay in my Commission Queue! With the exception of the folks who have received their full-res pieces, (but I may not have posted publicly yet,) queued and in-progress pieces are getting shifted to the right about 1-2 weeks. This is 100% due to this det I am participating in, so you can bet your tail that as soon as I return home, I'll be full afterburner on the remaining pieces in this Queue!

The queue I took on this spring-early summer was a pretty big one, but it's all good! These pieces are keeping me good and busy this summer, and I'm having a lot of fun with each and every one. Barring possibly one or two more openings before the end of summer, I am aiming to have my queue completely cleared out before early autumn.

Current Commissioners! If I haven't already contacted you directly about your piece, if you are curious at all where your piece is in my queue, please PM me! I will get you a link to my Commissioner-exclusive Trello where you can keep track of your piece as it hops from progress level to level, and finally to a shiny, polished-up full-resolution piece for you! :>

-Social Media Reminder & Telegram Updates Channel

Just a friendly reminder that I update and post more frequently on social media! (About 3-4 posts & updates per week as opposed to FA & DA!) If you're looking for up-to-date posts, fursuit media, & some inspiration or motivation with a nifty picture, these links are where ya can find such content and more!

Twitter -
Tumblr -
Amino -
Instagram -
FaceBook -

Much of my media is cross-posted between these sites, but my most frequented for life and work updates, as well as mini-updates about my Commission Queue would be Twitter!

I am also working on posting more often on my Telegram Channel!

For folks who have questions regarding Commission information, prior to even shooting me a Note, you can see right on my profile page whether or not I'm accepting or closed for Commissions! On FurAffinity it's right smack-dab in the middle of my profile, color-coded for easy picking it out. On DeviantArt, it's at the upper left of my page. points right beneath the thumbnail of Muzafr's Reference Sheet

To answer general questions on most of the Commission types I offer and the pricing of each, I've provided examples and detailed information right here!

A lot going on this summer, and I can't believe it's halfway through already! I hope y'all are enjoying yours so far! :> Whether you're on summer break from school or still chugging along at your job, don't forget to go outside and soak up some of that warm sunshine every once in a while.

Do you have any conventions or fun plans in mind for the rest of summer?

As always, questions, comments, concerns? Comment here or Note me!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

Update - Back from AC, Not done Travelling!


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