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New Blogging adventures Continued | 23-07-18 by LostPlatformer

After a rather neat holiday and now that I am back into the routine at work, I finally have the time now to plan ahead. At long last.

My plans for the next few weeks are as follows. Firstly, create a Furaffinity account where I might connect with the wider fandom, a tad easier than my current method of Twitter and this site. Second step would be to try re-connecting with those other furries I met at Confuzzled, I felt like I didn’t do enough to get to know the people I met at that convention as I needed to use my time wisely due to my Day only pass (additionally the trains were not running that day). Upon reflection I should’ve skipped going to the Dealers den the first time round and instead gone with the group I left the Meet-up with, I regret not sticking with them. I got a few leads and some names so I will start from there. (there’s a thought, I should really attempt get out the habit of first name basis and start using more character names)

My third and final task would be to finally sort out my Fursona (persona) I want use in the fandom. I had narrowed down the search for the character since I last wrote, I am leaning towards perhaps maybe a Pine Martin; a character base best suited towards the particular direction and branding I am currently thinking about. I am still debating about this decision but at least I can say that I have given it some thought to at the very least find one character that could be the persona I move forward with. I don’t typically see too many fusonas use this type of base generally… as far as I am aware. At the moment I have a few projects on the go, but I will make this a priority in August.

Other than that, I think that’s a wrap.

See you again next Journal entry. LP

New Blogging adventures Continued | 23-07-18


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