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Adopt TOS by Vaitael

By purchasing any of my intellectual property you automatically agree to these terms and conditions:

-You are purchasing the design of a character; not the rights to the species, lore, or canon world they live in.
--You may name the character
--Choose its gender
--Create a backstory
--Create a personality
--Draw the character
--Roleplay with the character
-You are not required to follow the canon lore unless you are participating in prompts and events that take place within the world. In other words, you may adopt one of my species and create your own world they live in if you do not wish for them to participate within the canon world.
-You may create a human or humanoid form based on the adopt, as long as they are considered the same character.
-I do not sell or distribute Make Your Owns (MYOs).
-I have the right to decline business with young and/or suspicious accounts (Usually younger than 2 months).
-I reserve the right to modify and resell any rejected/refunded designs to be sold at a later date.
-I retain all copyrights over my work, which include the right to distribute, reproduce or use the image as a sample for sales/self-promotion.
-The design and artwork must be credited to me when used..
-Payment should be in USD through Paypal or DeviantArt Points through the commission's widget unless stated otherwise.
-Payment should be received no more than 24 hours after the Adopt has been claimed unless a Payment Plan is in effect. Failure to pay within the arranged time period will result in the confiscation of the claim you have on the adopt.
-In the event of an unplanned retraction of funds, I reserve the right to the adopt which payment was unfaithful.
-All Payment Plans require pre-approval before any claims/bids are made to the adopt/custom slot in question.
-All Payment Plans require a down payment.

-I will not create a custom adopt based off of any copyrighted material (such as characters from TV Shows, Games, Movies, ect.).
-I will not create a custom adopt too similar to a pre-existing adopt I have created; I want them to each be as unique from one another as possible.
-I will provide a sketch for approval and changes before continuing the design.

Design Modification:
-You may alter the clothing of the design (add or subtract articles of attire) without need of approval unless specifically stated -otherwise. However, certain items, such as lanterns or Lumi Charms cannot be added to your Lumilux since they are considered pieces of other Lumiluxi.
-Adding or changing the style of hair/mane of the adopt is acceptable without need of approval.
-Slight changes to colors and fur patterns must be approved by me and resemble the original design.
-Adding/Subtracting/Switching major traits is not allowed and will likely be declined for approval.
-Keep in mind that all Lumi's eye color, flame color, and nail color must correlate! If your Lumi has two flame colors, you may alternate between the colors in certain ways. Please refer to me for approval.

-When trading/selling my adopts, you may not add your own rules and conditions (Ex. So-so originally bought my adopt and made a rule that the next person who purchases it from them cannot resell).
-A design must be sold for as much as or less than the amount paid, however, if multiple pieces of artwork has gone into the design, you may contact me if you wish to sell it for a higher price. I reserve the right to deny you, however.
-Each design will have a base value if it has been sold, and can be resold for that price or under that price no matter if the current owner has traded for it. The base price WILL drop if someone were to resell it for a lower price, however.
-Please review the species Masterlist before any purchase/trade/ect. to ensure you are not being conned.
-Please notify me or refer to the Masterlist account ( after any reselling/trading/ect. so that I may keep the Masterlist updated.
-Co-owning is limited to two official participants in order to avoid disputes.

This document may be edited at any given time without warning.

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