[Open 2/2] Customs- Risk free by DevilsCider

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-----------------------WARNING THIS IS A HUGE MESS ahhh---------------

-Will be busy until the end of July because of art fight-

Slot status: Open

1. Open!

2. Open!

(If you'd like to be added to a wait list just ask and I'll ping you when a slot is open)
Please be aware that I work full time and it could take me a few hours to several months to finish. This is why I allow you to cancel at any time.

Risk Free!: You won't pay until I am 100% finished and you can cancel at any time. You may ask for as many WIPS as you want and If you don't like the result of your custom, you do not have to purchase it. If you decide not to purchase the custom or choose to cancel, I will post the result as an adoptable for others to purchase. If you fail to purchase a week after completion I will put it up for sale as well.

Adopt TOS:  



I am best at humans but will do anthros,animals, robots, other things.

Outfit customs are 25% off the regular price!
(regular price - (.25*regular price)

(Option ??? ) Experimental Mystery Adopt Customs: 300 :points: or 5$

-will be at least be flat colored
-will show the entire body
-Will likely be rough and experimental
-No base
-Do not fill out the form for this, the design will be random. (you can still reject the design at the end!)

(Option A) Sketchy off base customs: 1,000:points: or 12$ paypal

  -Flat color only, no shading

(Option B) Small base customs: 1,000:points: or 12$ paypal

  -I can use any small and simple adoptable base of your choice if you provide a link. I may decline to draw on certain bases. 
  -Default base is one shown below (Made by me)
  -Will shade upon request

(Option C) Medium base customs: 2,000 :points: or 23$ paypal

  -I can use any Medium size adoptable base of your choice if you provide a link. I may decline to draw on certain bases. 
  -Default base is one shown below (Made by me)
  -Will shade upon request

(Option D) Medium Off base customs: 2,500 :points: or 28$ paypal

-Will shade upon request

(Option E) Off base 3 outfit/pose set: 4,000 :points: or 43$

-Will shade upon request

(Option F) Full body off base customs:  6,000 :points: or 65$ paypal

(Option G) Couple Adopt Customs:  9,000 :points: or 95$ paypal

-includes 2 fullbody flat colored refs
-includes 1 halfbody couple piece
-Yes its a little over priced



To order either leave a comment or send a note.

Here is a basic form to fill out: (for couples fill it twice)

Items with a * are mandatory, everything else can be left blank if you wish to do so.

Option: (Option A,B,C etc. from above)
Pose or base(if choosing an off base option give me a pose or leave it up to me. If its on base link an adopt base or I'll use the default one!)
Shaded or flat colored: (There is no discount for flat color over shading)
Species: (ex: human, demon, anthro, kemonomimi)
clothing style: ( include links or a style like punk, fantasy, skater)
accessories: (ex: sun glasses, beanie, bracelets, tattoos, scars)
theme: (ex: Food, circus, Dark, rainbow, or none. Can also include links to aesthetics)
colors: (links to palettes or simply list)
Hairstyle: (ex: Short, long, mohawk, or post ref links)
Don't Include: (List things you don't want on your custom. Ex: No beard, No shorts)

[Open 2/2] Customs- Risk free


19 July 2018 at 00:30:44 MDT

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