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I wanted to inform anyone watching me on this site that I have been working on some macro-related content other than my usual art. For those of you not familiar with Sizebox, it's a Unity-based macro/micro game. It's still in development, but there's a lot of features already available. You can play as a macro or micro, spawn destructable cities, set poses and animations, etc. Best of all, there's a relatively simple method for adding your own models into the game, so there's a lot of content available. Not all of it is furry-related, but there is a lot which is.

I've been working not only on converting existing models made by other people but also editing some to create anthro versions. It's been an ordeal trying to learn 3D modelling from scratch, but I think the results are pretty good. There are around a dozen characters I've worked on, all with lean or muscular male bodies. There are characters from the Lion King, Godzilla, various Mario and Disney characters, and some generic animals like deer, doberman, sabercats, etc. In addition, there are a lot of existing anthro models which I've just imported into Sizebox. Characters from Tokyo Afterschool Summoners, Nekojishi, Pokemon, Grimoire of Zero, Skyrim, etc. all available to use as giants or micros. Also lots of props and stages to play with. And there are a ton more characters, objects, and scripts out there which have been created by other players available on the Discord linked below.

If this sounds interesting to you, then check out the links below and join the Sizebox community!

Sizebox Discord:
My models in Sizebox format, along with credits and preview images:!BeI0iCrR!3e4t4WCYH-1sBAuXN09pYg
Models in MMD format:!lSg0QChK!zetk1mr-GoAE4WSa26Za5A

Also want to remind everyone that I'm still available for commissions. $8 for lines only, $16 for shaded.

Sizebox Models


23 June 2018 at 22:18:23 MDT

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