So I finally got a Nintendo Switch. by RentonTBuck

Earlier today, I went out and bought for myself a Nintendo Switch as well as a couple games to go with the console. I initially thought about getting a Switch earlier this year with my tax refund, but I wasn't sure at the time if I would be able to get every game that I would want (some are only available as a digital download rather than a physical copy); however, after much thought, I realized I could figure out some way to download the digital games I want eventually, like "Night in the Woods." I may decide to create a Nintendo account and get some of the digital games this way.

So far, I'm actually very amazed at what the console itself has to offer in terms of ingenuity and functionality. Not only is it portable, but it was very simple and easy to set up so that I could get right into the games without any major hassles. I didn't even have to plug it into a TV in order for it to work; I could hook it up to just about any outlet and/or TV in order to use it without any additional items to truly experience the gameplay (such as hooking up a sensor bar for the Joy-Con controllers to work). Even though it's been a day, I am actually loving it so far, and I look forward to adding more games to my personal library. :)

So I finally got a Nintendo Switch.


23 June 2018 at 22:10:01 MDT

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