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Since I’m so paranoid about everything and everyone, when people send me friend requests it makes me extremely uncomfortable and nevous. It’s okay to follow me, but please,,, let me send the friend request if I see that your trustworthy,, ;; it’s nothing against new friends it’s just,, I’ve been attacked so much and every time someone watched me it was because they were a bully. So I get really bad flashbacks when someone sends me a friend request,, I try to keep myself private and not open to people I’m really shy when it comes to new people but I’m really friendly I promise!! Just ask my friends! I’m really sorry if I upset anyone, it was not at all my intention!! I’ll put it on my page too so people won’t get upset when I friend them two weeks later,, it just kinda creeps me out all these people finally finding Weasyl... I’m glad the site is active,, I wouldn’t want it to get shut down,, but,, why so sudden? You know? Like I found it in 2011 and moved in 2017ish and called it home. Weasyl isn’t very well known that’s why I like it. I don’t like praise and attention tbh but it’s nice once in a while... there’s just so many weird people out there I don’t know who to trust when I get there requests,,,

About friend requests


22 June 2018 at 13:04:30 MDT

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    She's lying! Not.... She Is the most caring and kind person I've ever met so..... Please don't hurt her ;-;

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      I’m going to cry oh my god you are so fucking sweet oh my gosh ;;;;;;;;;;;

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    There is no reason to be scared or paranoid, we're all very friendly people here and anyone who hurts you will personally get a 5 hour explanation on why they are trash and how to be a better person UwU

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      ;;;;;;;;; I love you guys so fucking much