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!!!!!!!! Emergency commission price list PLEASE HELP! by Tokoyami

Normally I’m able to keep up on everything, it’s extremely rare that I ask for help. Especially with money. But something popped up and my paycheck isn’t coming until next month, and my account is wiped clean, it even has little flies buzzing around it. I’ve always shied away for asking for help from anyone especially my friends or the public. Especially my family. I’ve already asked for help from my family, they’re paying half the cost but I need to get $15 for myself by working extra hours and begging on the internet. I’ve honestly always looked down on this but now that I’m faced with reality it hit me: I’m an internet beggar. I’m really scared and I’m facing losing my car too. Sadly I don’t have proof of the bills but I’m not a liar. I’ve been trying to take care of this for a long time now but now I know I need help. ;;;;

My commissions are generally extremely cheap, but due to an emergency, I really need help!

PayPal only please!!!
Full body detail - $5.00
Sketch - $3.00
Animation -$10.00 (bc they’re so hard)
Anything else - depends

I normally don’t do this but I’m open for nsfw and diaper foot gay baby fetish art. ;;;;;;;;;
Thank you ;;;;;

Thank you ;;;;;;; please spread this ;;;;

!!!!!!!! Emergency commission price list PLEASE HELP!


15 June 2018 at 16:45:40 MDT

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    If you can’t pay my prices we can always compromise

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    I can't pay 15 but I've got $10... I hope that's alright, I'll take anything. Since you've done so much for me I'm giving it to you with art or no art. I'll get it to you (hopefully) before the 23rd

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      ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ur such a blessing

      I’ll make u so much art ;;;;;;

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        Sigh I know this Is how you act but sometimes its just like: "But.... You've done so much" Then I remember.... This Is Sam we're talking about, She'll do It anyways even If I say she doesn't have to.