In jail by DangerDoberman

Hello,Dangers mate here,just letting Dangers followers know that He is incarcerated with no known date of release.

He has asked me to sell some of his original artwork,items and Barnaby fursuit and to maintain all of his affairs in his absence.

I will post links to all of those things shortly.


In jail


12 June 2018 at 15:06:36 MDT

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    Butbutbut... what for?

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      To make a long story short he was accused of bestiality out of Oregon and a huge sting was done here in arizona where they obtained warrants and came out with a swat team,seized MY dog,arrested him and found nothing.
      Everything they conducted searches and seizures and arrests were all made up lies.

      Since they cant find anything to keep him on he is currently being held on NO charges,and NO bail,but a 9 year old misdemeanor warrant out of Oregon and they are trying to make furry art and being a furry grounds for felony bestiality arrest in Oregon.

      And if they succeed every other furry artist in Oregon that makes x-rated furry art is next.
      they are very serious about changing these laws to prosecute furries for bestiality.

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        Seven bloody hells... It may not be the most constructive thing for me to say, but this just reinforces my opinion that the current generation in political and legal power desperately needs to hurry up and go extinct... and take all this pointless xenophobia with them.