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Repost For Auction Tomorrow!! by Emberz

Alright Folks!,

Just repostin' my earlier journal! The link to the auction:

This link will be live the minuet it turns to the 19th!

The MixedCandy use your own eyes halfsuit that was recently refurbished by the awesome kifu is ready for auction!!

**EDIT: Ebay changed my auction's start time to PDT so it will start at 12 AM Pacific Daylight Time!! Dorry for the inconvenience**

What you will be bidding on:

The Head: Originally use your own eyes but refurbished last month with new hand painted resin eyes and wefted Kakelon mane with newly airbrushed markings! Head will fit a head up to 22 inches in circumference

The Paws: Newly airbrushed markings with pleather pawpads and black resin claws

The Tail: Very soft and newly airbrushed with markings. Look at the top for attaching to belts!

Pictures of the halfsuit:

Front view:

Side view:

Showing all the parts:


Heres a picture of what he looked like before the refurb:

Repost For Auction Tomorrow!!


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    This is truly a beautiful suit. I would love to have it but I don't think I can wear my glasses under it.

    When I look up 'fursuit' in ebay, this does not show up. You may want to add the word 'fursuit' to the header listing (or whatever it's called) to increase traffic to it. I don't know if many people even think of looking up halfsuits in ebay.

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      ahh good idea Dream! Thank you! and yeah, glasses are uncomfortable under this one since the eyes are so close to yours and the inside of the snout sits up against the bridge of your nose.

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        Bummer about the glasses with this one as it's so cute. I hope some lucky person gets this. :)