Dragon Death is never easy by ilbv

Journal from May 14, 2018

I recently saw one on TV and it was just not a great time for me.
My absolutely adoration for Dragons really gave me that gut wrenching feeling at the loss of one, even though its just TV.

It's like in movies when the Dog dies, and everyone has the nasty upset feeling inside them, for others its a total turn off. Like you never want to see the movie again. I've only seen "My Dog Skip" once when I was like 10 or 11 and will never watch it again.

I promptly turned off my TV and came online to be with my Dragon friends and those who are like Dragons. I needed to be close to them, their presence was needed and it was so important and special to me. I'm really grateful for the loving support I had with them and even my Non Dragon friends who were there to comfort and grieve with me.

I know it's just TV, I know that real loss is far worse. It was a moment for me, and I'll get over it and move on of course. I just needed that time to be with Dragons I liked and cared about to really refresh myself.

Dragon Death is never easy


4 June 2018 at 21:11:47 MDT

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