My Memorial Day weekend by RentonTBuck

Boy, what an eventful weekend I had.

For Thursday and Friday, I put in a lot of hard work hauling bark mulch with a wheelbarrow and putting them in both the front and back yards (under extreme heat from the sunny weather, no less). Each day, it took me a few hours to complete the task; there was no way I could get it all done in one day, so I had to stop when I needed to and rest. Eventually, I managed to get the job done, and the gardens in both yards look really nice (in fact, a lot of mulch was ordered so that I might not need a fresh batch of it until next fall).

On Saturday, I attended an outdoor furry picnic with my friends and then went to see the new Han Solo movie in theaters. While at the picnic, someone recognized me from my volunteer work at ZooBoo and said that she knew a mother and three kids who really enjoy seeing me and other volunteers dress up in our fursuits and perhaps consider my fursuit their favorite, and I found that to be very flattering. The movie itself was enjoyable, especially since my mother and I took the opportunity to get free popcorn and drinks at the local theater since May is her birthday month.

On Sunday, my mother and I drove up to North Dakota to see one of my cousins graduate from high school. I was surprised to learn that he was graduating as valedictorian of his class (which consisted of 22 seniors, believe it or not); he even gave the valedictorian speech and was given a few academic awards and scholarships. After the ceremony, we went over to his house for a congratulatory party. Sunday happened to be the same day as my mother's birthday, so we celebrated that at the same time; she got a jewelry box designed to look exactly like the rose under glass in the live-action Disney film version of "Beauty and the Beast," a Mystery Date game, and a gift card (which I gave her). We played a little bit of the Mystery Date game (I won), stopped at the local cemetery to place flowers on my grandfather's grave for Memorial Day, then went over to my grandmother's apartment to spend the night.

Today, after having brunch with a few relatives at Perkins, my mother and I headed for home, even as the temperature got a little hotter on the way. I'm just glad that I didn't suffer very much from the heat and stayed hydrated.

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend! :)

My Memorial Day weekend


28 May 2018 at 13:28:05 MDT

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