Slowly picking up steam... by HannahCan

Trying to use this site more because I do like it and I'm a uh... fringe furry? Furry admirer? Anthro enthusiast? Monster lover? (Whatever the case I'm here lol)

I'm going to keep this more of gallery with finished pieces and leave the wips to my Instagram and Tumblr. I'm considering dusting off my Twitter so if anyone is interested in that let me know. If there's a way to cross post from the others easily I def will. It's really hard for me to let go of DA but I'm getting like, zero traffic there so may only update in chunks.

I'm basically going to dumpster-fire FA though. It is outdated. Not just site wise, but ethically and leadership-wise too. I can't really tell the difference in traffic so I might as well go with the website that isn't morally corrupt.

My only beef with Weasyl is still the search function and the subcategory selection. Sometimes I want to browse a whole category you know? Not just what someone remembered to tag. (Though being able to black-list tags is a godsend!)

Anyway, ya'll can hit me up with questions and suggestions and whatnot. It may take me a little bit to respond because I over analyze everything but I do read all my messages! :D

Slowly picking up steam...


23 May 2018 at 17:13:15 MDT

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