It's done! by nh63879

Yes that's right! My macro story is now completed! You'll have probably seen the cover for this new book "Out of the Shadows" which features Danny, Shadow, Kenta_Nakamura and Jarvis_Greatwolf being included in it.

I won't give away too much but I will say this. Unlike my first book, this is one long story. It's not so much a clean type of story and is more of an adult themed book. Apart from that it's still a macro themed story which does include a lot of rampaging and naughty stuff in it.

This is something which I will of course be looking at having published. Although it will not be put in for publishing just yet as I'm going to have some furries look at it first and see what they think of it. If it reads well and if there's anything in need of cleaning up in regards to spelling, grammar and the like.

I will of course be sending a note to those I choose to preview it before I have it sent off for either publishing or self publishing. Price wise, if I go for self publishing will be around £15 - £20. I only say that because as with my first book, there are costs involved with having it printed and distributed, which means if I was to set the price too low then I wouldn't get much profit in return.

Anyway. I trust that when it does come out you'll enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

It's done!


23 May 2018 at 13:06:27 MDT

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