OPEN for Emergency Custom Yarn Tail Commissions by CartelSaide

Hello star creatures!

I was recently laid off from my job and have had a tough time finding a new one, so to try and help lessen the load for my girlfriend a little bit until I am officially employed and help where I can with bills and rent, I am opening for some Emergency Custom Yarn Tail Commissions!

I will have 10 Emergency Custom Yarn Tail Slots open at a time. These slots will completely close when I am officially employed, and while I am unemployed will temporarily close in batches of 10 while I catch up on orders. Get your slot now while you can!

Click the link to the listing in my etsy shop to purchase a commission slot for this batch!

PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A SLOT IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD THE FULL PRICE UPON COMPLETION OF YOUR TAIL. Full prices and further information can be found on the Yarn Tails page of my website here:

Upon purchasing, please fill out the following Google Form, and I will get back to you within 24 hours so that we can finalize your order and I can get to work ASAP!

By purchasing this slot, you are putting a deposit down on your Custom Yarn tail and simply guaranteeing your Custom Yarn Tail slot. It is a DOWN PAYMENT i.e. a DEPOSIT and nothing more. You will be expected to pay the remainder (including shipping) once we have officially discussed the details of your custom commission and finalized them. To pay this remainder, you will be expected to pay for an additional, personal listing here in my etsy shop, of which I will create just for you once we finalize the details of your custom order.

While I am unemployed, Custom Yarn Tails will be completed in the order that they were finalized, to be determined from the date and time the personal listing it posted in my etsy shop. Upon moving on from one listing to the next, you can expect you tail to be completed within 2 weeks maximum (but depending on size, will most likely be completed sooner); if you are merely waiting on another person's tail to be complete, I will inform you when I begin to work on your tail, and as said, you can expect it to be complete within a maximum of 2 weeks from receiving this message.

Once I finish your tail, I will send you a photo of the complete piece. If you have already completely paid (i.e. paid for your personal listing), you can expect your tail to be shipped within 3-5 business days from the day you receive this picture. If you haven't paid, then you can expect to receive your tail within 3-5 business days of making this payment. If you order more than one tail, to save you on shipping costs and me time, I will be completing all of your tails before shipping them all at once.

If I do get employed between now and before completing your Custom Yarn Tail, I will let you know and we will discuss how this impacts the expected times you can expect your tail to be completed and shipped, assuming it impacts this at all.

If you fail to fill out the google form to begin finalizing the details of your tail within 48 hours of your purchase, I will refund your deposit (this listing) and your slot will be forfeit. You can pay for another slot and fill out the form within 48 hours to get your slot back.

If you fail to completely pay for your tail (i.e. if you don't pay the remainder for your personal listing) within 1 week of me completing your tail, I will refund your deposit (this listing) you will forfeit all rights to your tail. I will then sell your tail as a product on my etsy shop, and you will most likely be blacklisted from purchasing customs in the future for your unreliability.

These are simply the default expectations. If you need more time, please communicate this with me within the default timeframe so we can come to a different case-by-case, personal agreement!

Thank you kindly for your time and consideration Star Creatures~ Have a wonderful rest of your day!

OPEN for Emergency Custom Yarn Tail Commissions


17 May 2018 at 13:20:10 MDT

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