This is a test by Shyads

My friend and I are testing what the block function on here does, so far it seems that it removes us from our mutual friends lists, he doesnt show in my watchers list, but when I check his watched list, I'm still there for some reason

He can't pm me, or comment on my page, we're going to see if he gets a notif for this journal, pay this no mind lol

Things we've learned:

  • Blocking someone only hides them in your watchers list, it doesn't remove them from it
  • Blocking someone does remove them from your friends list though, and you from theirs
  • Blocked users can still see your page, submissions and journals
  • Blocked users cannot follow you, shout on your page, comment on submissions or PM you
  • Since blocking someone that follows you already doesn't negate them following you, they still get notifs when you post journals and submissions

This is a test


17 May 2018 at 01:20:14 MDT

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    Weird that they can still see your page and journals and stuff. I wouldn't want that to happen.

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      It really does suck, I hope this gets changed. And I think at the bare minimum, people should be removed from your watch list if you block them